Share the little things you do to help the planet.

This April, elevate your eco-game by sharing your sustainable habits and we’ll turn them into trees!

Join the green wave!

Share an act: For every act of sustainability you create and share, we’ll plant a tree (up to 2,024)
Compete for glory: The top 3 individuals with the most acts will score sustainable Greenplaces merch
Rally your tribe: The team with the most acts decides where we plant, leaving a lasting mark on our planet

Greenplaces will plant up to 2,024 trees this Earth Day.

Start your first Tiny Climate Act and then share your impact with your community. Greenplaces will plant a tree for every Tiny Climate Act.

Turn daily habits into a force for good

Find your spark by exploring our blog with actionable and easy steps you can take to contribute to our planet.

“In every tiny act of sustainability, there's a seed of transformation. Our mission with #TinyClimateActs is to nurture these seeds into a forest of change, benefiting our communities and planet. Join us in making sustainability an everyday narrative, and together, let's cultivate a world where every act, no matter how small, is celebrated.”

Rally your team and amplify your impact

Lead your team to a greener future one tiny act at a time with our enablement toolkit. It includes everything you need to inspire your peers, from ready-to-send internal emails to promotional assets, informational slides, and more.

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